My First 3-Some MMF

by adminpublished on January 5, 2022
What happens at a SEX EXPO! “Better Sex at Sexpo 2022”… –~– Welcome to My First Threesome | MMF 🔥 For all things Robbie Oz & Its Katy Fit head to : To see more of Zac head to Here’s behind the scenes of a day in the life, I vlogged threesome with my hot wife and of course I filmed it for our onlyfans. We play in the swingers world and this was such a hot threesome, enjoy the adult content. Thanks for watching my first threesome mmf #dayinthelife #robbieoz #onlyfans

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Look, we've all been wondering what the deal is with those mysterious pineapple magnets and accessories we've seen all over Carnival Cruise doors - and people. Cruise Reviews' Tim Cruise did some investigative reporting and found out that there is a strong correlation between the swinger scene and pineapples. And pink flamingos. And - gasp - garden gnomes! Here are all the swinger scene answers to the questions we were all afraid to ask. Oh - if you need pineapple magnets to put on other people's doors, like we do, use our Amazon affiliate links and help support our channel (thank you!) "I prefer pineapple to vanilla": Standard 6" pineapple magnet: The entire collection: Swingwear:
Such a unique experience to go to Oasis on hotwife night! Too long to watch? Listen via podcast instead!

Open 101 Swingers

12 months ago
Question from a viewer for today: We're thinking about going to a lifestyle club. What am I going to expect? My nervousness and fear is that people are going to push me to do things we're not ready yet.
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