Sexy Ms. “Penelope1”

Sexy Ms. “Penelope1”: Reinventing one’s self is an art form I have taken on several times in my life. Knowing who I am through the process has been a gift. Although I’ve been in the Lifestyle for an extended period of time, it still requires a certain amount of evolving. To bend and to mold with new ideas and limits and boundaries is how I conform to an ever changing world. Currently my world as a single female sparkles with self awareness and the desire to have and give more through the LS community. Living and thriving as an individual but coming together as a group of like minded people is what being in the Lifestyle is about. It’s about being amongst open-minded people who have an insatiable appetite for enjoying others in a safe and comfortable community. My motivation is to see our community to be one that is more united than divided and to enjoy every bit of it that I can. ~ Jessica aka Penelope1 ~ Swipe Right Club – Founder