Ava Stone was raised in the Midwest with a strict religious upbringing. Being the daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor and being homeschooled there was no exploration of her wild side until she was much older. She married her best friend literally on a whim and ran away to Hedonism 2 and had their wedding with all the guests completely in the nude!! Ava worked construction from the time she was 18years old until currently. Now as one of the only female Bridge Inspectors in her state she has the the perfect balance of work and play in her life. Ava promotes healthy Lifestyle relationships and has a pretty big following on social media as an LS Influencer. Her favorite thing for the events is making very unique costumes and meeting new people from all over. Ava and her husband Scott travel all over together to different LS events and hotel takeovers. They are definitely living their best life and can't wait for the next adventure.