Anastasia Eve Sabil grew up in the Florida- Georgia area, currently Living in California. Born in May, She has a strong taurus personality with a dash of Gemini. Her main occupation is as a Swimwear designer for West Coast Bikini in Riverside, CA. She is an accomplished model, LS event hostess, and loves building on her education. Currently she’s working on a degree in psychology which will be followed by sexology. Anastasia believes in the LS being body, sex, and kink positive. “We should all get to explore without being shamed or judged.” She also has a name preference, “I will answer to many things, but Princess and Anna are not among them.” While Miss Sabil loves to socialize, she enjoys quiet time with her cats and pitty as well. Check out more of Anastasia on IG @lady_ana.eve
Anastasia has been a model, TV host and in the Lifestyle for many years. We are excited to have her now hosting some of the sexist shows on LSM-TV.